The New Way To Do Church

Posted By Allen Cantrell     From: Megachurch Association of America 1950 Slippery Slope Drive Bald Tire, California 92630 To: The Saints of Old (A Satire) We, the leaders of the modern phenomenon known as the church growth movement, or megachurch movement, wish to correspond with the leaders of the past, namely the Old Testament... Continue Reading →

"In Evil Long I Took Delight"

Posted by Allen Cantrell   This is another of John Newton's hymns. I recommend this one for your memorizing and meditating. These eight stanzas are packed full with rich gospel meat.  Be blessed as you ponder!   In Evil Long I Took Delight By John Newton   In evil long I took delight,Unawed by shame... Continue Reading →

The Ever-Present Athenians

By Allen Cantrell   The Athenians were the cutting edge philosophers/theologians of their day. They dared not be dogmatic about doctrine. No, No. They were too large-hearted and open-minded to have convictions. They dialogued and debated, queried and quibbled; then they congratulated themselves on their intellectual jousting and called it a draw. Everyone was a... Continue Reading →

Are You a Berean or an Athenian?

by Allen Cantrell   In Acts 17:11 and 21 we have the stark contrast between the people of Berea and the people of Athens. The Bereans are described in vs. 11:  "These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily,... Continue Reading →

Law, Then Grace (cont’d)

by Allen Cantrell   As a follow up to the last post I wish to elaborate further about the use of God's law to convince the sinner of their sin. Modern approaches to evangelism often start by saying things like, "God loves you." A better approach would be to inform the sinner that they have... Continue Reading →

Law, Then Grace

by Allen Cantrell   "Men are not turning to Christ because they have no sense of sinning against the Lord. They are not convicted of sin because they don't know what sin is. They have no concept of sin because the law of God is not being preached. You cannot improvise a hasty sop, 'All... Continue Reading →

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