Law, Then Grace (cont’d)

by Allen Cantrell


As a follow up to the last post I wish to elaborate further about the use of God’s law to convince the sinner of their sin. Modern approaches to evangelism often start by saying things like, “God loves you.” A better approach would be to inform the sinner that they have failed to love God with all their heart, soul. mind, and strength and are thus in violation of the greatest commandment of all. Thus having committed the greatest sin in the universe, they have no leg to stand on before God. They can expect to receive the sinners due.

If they dare to protest (as rebels often do) then we use the specific, authoritative commands of God to show them their slackness; their defiance; their despising of God and His Christ; their exalting of lesser things; their dull minds with respect to thinking God’s revealed thoughts; their elevating their own opinions to idol-status;  their words that reek of a filthy heart; their Lucifer-like ambition; their lust-filled adulterous heart; their angry,murderous thoughts;  their forked and false tongue; their never content and rarely grateful attitude;

With these and a thousand other fatal demerits, the sinner yet dares to be smug and self-congratulatory! The proud sinner must fall. His little idolatrous world must crumble.God’s law is the wrecking ball operated by the Spirit of God.

Use the law and watch God work! There may not be as many “decisions for salvation” but there will be genuine converts according to God’s good pleasure. When the sinner trembles then they’re ready to hear about grace.


Read Romans 3:20, 5:20, 7:7-13, Gal.3:24

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