Our Great Task

  by Raymond Timmerman   Some of you in our fellowship here at Jackson Bible Church have been graced by meeting Ralph Thomas. He works with me (Raymond) and is a wonderful brother in the Lord. I was telling him about this blog and some of the things I thought about sharing. He shared a... Continue Reading →

Jesus as Savior….AND Lord?

by Isaac Cantrell   You cannot have Christ if you will not serve Him. If you take Christ, you must take Him in all His characters, not only as Friend, but also as Master; and if you are to become His disciple, you must also become His servant. I hope that no one kicks against... Continue Reading →

"Daddy Will Take Care of It"

by Raymond Timmerman   I am reminded of an incident that took place nearly two decades ago. Jon, my eldest child, was 5 years old and his sister, Tabitha, was only 2. We were in the toy department at Walmart when Jon looked behind a stack of toys and found a dollar bill. He asked... Continue Reading →

My Take On Purpose Driven Life

by Allen Cantrell   From time to time I've been asked about the book, The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. This book has been a huge seller. I have read it and although there are some things in it that I could heartily agree with and that may be helpful, I came away thinking... Continue Reading →

Blending In or Sticking Out?

by Isaac Cantrell   Why is it that some Christians today believe that they should try to do more blending in than sticking out? In my recent study of the scripture I have noticed, as I'm sure many of you have, a large amount of verses that call us to be drastically different from the... Continue Reading →

10 Things I Just Can’t Figure Out

by Allen Cantrell   1.Why we're so slow to trust God 2.Why Sunday School, Sunday night, and Wednesday night are less important 3.Why we let our children decide the direction of our families 4.Why we act like scripture is inadequate 5.Why we're so eager to drink from broken cisterns 6.Why the world has such a... Continue Reading →

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