My Take On Purpose Driven Life

by Allen Cantrell


From time to time I’ve been asked about the book, The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. This book has been a huge seller. I have read it and although there are some things in it that I could heartily agree with and that may be helpful, I came away thinking that there are major problems, gaps, and omissions in the overall message that this professed Bible teacher with a wide platform chose to be silent about. (I say “professed Bible teacher” because isn’t that what a Pastor is to be and do? Not a marketeer, CEO, or a Fad-man but a faithful shepherd who feeds and leads/serves God’s flock entrusted to him.)


I’m thinking in particular about the major problem of making the gospel mostly about us, and the omissions of the biblical teaching concerning sin, repentance, the nature of saving faith, the person and work of Christ, the cross, the resurrection, coming judgment, and all things for the glory of God not the fulfillment of man.


I think its another book (maybe the most popular of all of them) that dumbs down theology and exalts “me-ology”. Its message is palatable for the emergent church that is 10 miles wide and 1/2 inch deep. I would call it mostly feel good fluff, cotton candy Christianity, the spiritual flavor of the month, or pop psychology that is still dripping wet from being dunked in the baptistry.

We don’t change the message for modern ears. The message changes us when God opens our ears!

The message is non-negotiable! Once for all delivered! (Jude3) Whether they will hear or not-(Ezek.2:7)


*For more on this, check out this fine video from Dr. Gary Gilley:


The Church Is Changing, What is emerging?

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  1. I agree 100% Thank you for an honest and Bible based answer. Keep up the good work we are always praying for you. Thanks again

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