A Quote to Remember

by Allen Cantrell   Yuce Kabakci is a student at Dallas Seminary from Turkey. He personally knew one of the three employees at a publishing house in Turkey that had their legs and hands bound and their throats slit by muslims. The publishing house distributed Bibles.  In a chapel service, he challenged the student body... Continue Reading →

Content In A Small Place (cont’d)

by Allen Cantrell   The following words capture what I want to remind us about: being content where God has called us to serve Him--even if it's a small place. Is it not fitting that the words are attributed to "Unknown"?   "Master, where shall I work today?" My love flowed warm and free. He... Continue Reading →

Content In A Small Place

by Allen Cantrell   Many of us clamor for a big stage, a leading role in a major production. We do like to shine. We feel significant and successful if we can feel the limelight beaming down on us. We crave the chief seats in the synagogues, and the right hand and left hand in... Continue Reading →

What Are You Reading?

by Allen Cantrell   I had a preacher friend years ago who always asked me this question. "What are you currently reading?" He seemed to want very specific answers. That was to prevent lying. You couldn't bluff with a general answer like," Oh I've been in the Psalms for awhile." Nor would this kind of... Continue Reading →

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