Content In A Small Place

by Allen Cantrell


Many of us clamor for a big stage, a leading role in a major production. We do like to shine. We feel significant and successful if we can feel the limelight beaming down on us. We crave the chief seats in the synagogues, and the right hand and left hand in glory. Many spend their whole life seeking approval, applause, and accolades from their peers.

The scriptures speak of this as vain-glory. It’s sin! It’s the result of pride that seeks to be seen of men, and applauded by feeble clay hands.

Vain-glory is part of the warp and woof of this fallen, wicked world (1John 2:15-17) master-minded by the arch malcontent himself – Satan. In Isaiah 14 we see him as one not at all satisfied with a subordinate role. And his pride resulted in his fall.

In a church setting, it might look like: a pastor who is always fishing for a “bigger or better”church; a singer/musician who uses their skill and talent for furthering themselves; a pouting church member who didn’t get the attention he/she thought was due them; a scarcity of helpers for all the non-glamorous jobs; church hoppers who need to lead and who “minister” as long as they are the leader of that ministry; This attitude poisons and weakens a fellowship.

Where are those who have a John 3:30 attitude?

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