What Are You Reading?

by Allen Cantrell


I had a preacher friend years ago who always asked me this question. “What are you currently reading?” He seemed to want very specific answers. That was to prevent lying.

You couldn’t bluff with a general answer like,” Oh I’ve been in the Psalms for awhile.” Nor would this kind of reply suffice– “I’m reading a book on leadership.”

I don’t know if he was being acutely nosey or was just a curious guy by nature. Maybe he was being used by God to help keep the saints accountable.

So let me ask you–what are you reading? What scripture did you read this morning? What good, edifying books have you read this year? What are you reading to your children? What are you encouraging them to read?

Reading is vitally important!  “Readers are leaders”; “Books mark us”; etc.

But the most important reason I know of that demonstrates the necessity of reading is this: God gave us a written revelation of Himself! Not an oral tradition passed down by generations, not a picture book, or a DVD. Written words! God-breathed words! Yea, jots and tittles!

What are you reading?

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