Content In A Small Place (cont’d)

by Allen Cantrell


The following words capture what I want to remind us about: being content where God has called us to serve Him–even if it’s a small place. Is it not fitting that the words are attributed to “Unknown”?


“Master, where shall I work today?” My love flowed warm and free.

He pointed out a tiny plot and said, “Tend that for Me.”

I answered quickly, “Oh no, not there. Not anyone could see,

No matter how well my work was done-not that little place for me.”

His voice when He spoke was not stern. He answered me tenderly,

“Little one, search that heart of thine. Are you working for them or for Me?

Nazareth was just a little place, and so was Galilee.”


One of the blessed things this mindset does for me personally is that it delivers me from the temptation to build up the church and add members to her roles by wicked, worldly means. My job is to be a faithful messenger. His job is to build His church and add to her as it pleases Him. If He swells her ranks with genuine converts/disciples, then Hallelujah! If He calls me to serve Him in a small place and He adds one here and there (or none at all) then Hallelujah!

This makes me captive to Him and His truth, not with what the world or the worldly church calls success. And I can stay out of the circus of pragmatic church growth methods. And I need not water down, sugar coat, or compromise the message one iota. And I can stop wasting time worrying about who might get mad and leave, or who might not come if I preach that biblical truth. And I don’t have to give glowing reports at this or that preacher’s meeting.

Content in Jackson, South Carolina. Hallelujah!

(ONE CAUTION–Let not the above be an excuse for a lack of evangelistic zeal.)

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