Flashback Friday: Coming Judgment

The first time Jesus came to us, He came to save sinners. The next time He comes will be for a different purpose. He will come to exercise His office as Judge against unrepentant sinners. A reminder of this truth will keep us sober. On October 11 & 18, 2015, Pastor Allen Cantrell delivered 2... Continue Reading →

A Poem on Jesus’ Passion

Bethlehem. A humble town. A nobody’s town. Perfect. The mountains would have bowed down. The seas would have roared in praise. The trees clapped their hands. But not for this Ancient of Days. All He needed were a few shepherds and angels. And in this was His glory, not the towering greatness He laid aside,... Continue Reading →

Twitter Recommendations

Have you been wanting to try out twitter but don't really know who to follow? On the other hand, maybe you've been using twitter for a while now but are unaware of some of the best Christian accounts to follow. Twitter, like any social media, can be used for good and bad. With that being... Continue Reading →

Songs We Sing: “Not In Me”

The songs we choose to sing in our church services are very important. We should make a deliberate effort to choose God-glorifying songs. Let me quote our doctrinal statement at this point: We seek to use songs that are doctrinally sound and God-centered in their emphases. We believe congregational music should teach and admonish, and not merely... Continue Reading →

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