Twitter Recommendations

Have you been wanting to try out twitter but don’t really know who to follow? On the other hand, maybe you’ve been using twitter for a while now but are unaware of some of the best Christian accounts to follow. Twitter, like any social media, can be used for good and bad. With that being said, there are some great people you can follow on twitter who will regularly speak gospel encouragement and wisdom into your life through tweets. Listed below are some of the best accounts we’ve found to follow.

(Disclaimer: we can recommend these accounts due to their sound biblical beliefs and thoughtful posts. However, just like all sinners, they are all fallible and thus we don’t claim to agree 100% with every tweet they may post. As with any situation, use biblical discernment.)

Ray Ortlund – @rayortlund

Erik Raymond – @erikraymond

R.C. Sproul – @RCSproul

Ligonier Ministries – @Ligonier

Burk Parsons – @BurkParsons

Desiring God – @desiringGod

John Piper – @JohnPiper

Kevin DeYoung – @RevKevDeYoung

Steve Lawson – @DrStevenJLawson

Tim Challies – @challies

Grace To You – @gracetoyou

And of course don’t forget to follow our church account! @JBC_Jackson

Those will get you started! If you’re a twitter pro and you have some suggestions for us to follow, leave them in the comments!

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