This & That (March 21, 2017)

“This & That” from around the internet. We think you will benefit and/or enjoy these items.

G3 Conference Message by Voddie Baucham

Each year for the past several years members of our church have attended the G3 conference in Atlanta, GA. Every year it is a wonderfully encouraging time in the Word of God. Messages are given from a wide variety of sound Bible teachers. Here is one example from the 2017 G3 Conference. The theme of the conference was The Reformation since 2017 is the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. This particular message was given by Voddie Baucham and he spoke on “The Need for Reformation in Evangelical Ecclesiology“. (Ecclesiology means “the study of the Church“.) This is an extremely helpful message that we all should hear.

The Most Offensive Verse In the Bible

What would you say is the most offensive verse in the entire Bible? Dan Phillips has an interesting answer to that question and it may not be any of the verses that first come to mind. Find his article here.

Raising Children In A Changing Culture

Melissa Kruger recently got the chance to interview Paul Tripp about his views on how to raise children in a changing culture. This is helpful to all of us who are parents (as well as grandparents!). Find the article here.

The Era of Terror – Don’t Ever Forget

Todd Friel interviewed Steve Lawson at the 2017 G3 Conference and asked him about William Tyndale’s martyrdom. Tyndale basically gave us the first English Bible and was executed because of it. As Lawson tells some of the details of Tyndale’s and John Rogers’ martydoms, let your soul be sobered and challenged. These men gave everything for Christ. May God help us to do the same if called upon to do so.

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