Songs We Sing: “Ballad For the Church”

Periodically, we like to post songs that we sing at Jackson Bible Church. We do this to demonstrate why we sing them, to give people a way to listen to them on their own for learning and personal worship, and to edify the larger Church of Jesus Christ if other believers are searching for good songs to sing.

The criteria by which we evaluate songs for congregational singing can be summarized like this (although a more full statement on our music philosophy can be found here):

  • Does it contain rich, biblically accurate theology?
  • Is it God-centered instead of man-centered? (i.e. Does it focus merely on our feelings about God or on God Himself?
  • On a more practical level, is it singable?

This song, Ballad For the Church (written by David Ward in 2015), meets all of these criteria. David has an incredibly helpful website for music called Thousand Tongues. Instead of writing our own words about this song, we will simply link you to his words about the song here.

The sheet music can be found here.

Listen to David sing a demo version of the song below:

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