This & That (March 24, 2017)


“This & That” from around the internet. We think you will benefit and/or enjoy these items.

Broken Or Triumphant?

We’ve all heard it said that Christians should be broken over our sin. We’ve also all heard it said that we should be triumphant in our Christian life. Well, which one is it? This article will help.

The University of Jesus

Erik Raymond says, “you are never to graduate from the University of Jesus. You are always attending. Always studying. Always learning. Always marveling.”

“The Duke”

God has gifted some musicians with amazing musical talent. Tommy Emmanuel is one of those people. There is so much we can thank God for through music: His common grace to give musicians this level of talent, the level of dedication to a craft that is evident in hearing a musician of such caliber, even our sense of hearing given to us by God to enjoy such things. God is so good to us. Music is one of His wonderful gifts. Enjoy!

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