Happy Anniversary!

by Allen Cantrell


February 3rd we celebrate our church anniversary! God is so faithful. From humble beginnings in 1979, a few dedicated believers, much prayer, and 29 years later – here we are. A few of you have been here the whole time. What an example of steadfastness and faithfulness you are. Others have come along in God’s providence and timing and now are a vital part of our fellowship. Each member is loved, important, and divinely placed.


It is just like God to do a great work in a small place and with a humble people. But now is not the time to grow complacent. Much is yet to be done. Our time is short and precious. Let’s make the rest of our years to be the best of our years for the Lord, both personally and as a church.


“Dont quit, there’s a job to be done;

Don’t quit, there’s a race to be run;

Don’t quit, there’s a crown to be won!

Don’t quit, weary Christian, don’t quit!”


*(Don’t Quit by Evangelist Doug Lowery)

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