The Church of Oprah

Posted by Allen Cantrell


This is why sound doctrine is so essential and why we must know our Bible.


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  1. Hi Allen!! That was very disturbing. I am reading a Frank Peretti book “This present darkness” right now. What Oprah is saying sounds alot like this book.
    Also, living here in mormonville, I have learned that they believe when they die, the man becomes a god of another planet and he calls his wife (and other women if he chooses) by their secret temple name to join him when they die. The women become pregnant with “spirt”children which then comes to earth as humans. Im learning alot about this religion and it scares me. There are more and more temples being built. Im praying for them, alot!! They are very nice people, just lost!!
    I miss you all, I hope to come visit soon!!!

    Anne Reider

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