How Does This Quote Sit With You?

Posted by Allen Cantrell


So how does this sit with you?

“The cliché, God hates the sin but loves the sinner, is false on the face of it and should be abandoned. Fourteen times in the first fifty Psalms alone, we are told that God hates the sinner, His wrath is on the liar, and so forth. In the Bible, the wrath of God rests both on the sin (Romans 1:18ff) and on the sinner (John 3:36).”
-D.A. Carson
The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God, Crossway, 2000, p. 70.


Are you scrambling, after reading this, to clarify lest anyone be put off by a God who is angry with sin and sinners?

If the god you believe/preach/serve/worship/know/love,etc. does not burn in wrath against all unrepentant sinners, then you my friend are an idolater. 

Are we so fearful today of offending mere mortals that we cannot find our tongues so as to speak boldly the hard truths of scripture? May such mousy preaching cease.  And  may all pandering preachers and catering clerics get an honest job.  They are certainly not honest when they so misrepresent the Living God.

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  1. Allen,

    This is another one of those teachings that I have believed my whole life. I have been taught that God loves everyone and hates the sin. I looked up all the scriptures I could find on “God’s Love, God’s wrath, God loves, God hates” All the scriptures I read referred to God loving those who love him and follow his commands or God loving his people. I am so thankful that I am being taught what the word of God says instead of being taught mans idolatry. I would rather my flesh be cast down and my soul be saved than to live under the deception I have lived under for years. Praise be to God who has revealed his truth!!! Only Jesus Christ is worthy of ALL my praise!!

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