God-Fearers or God-Wannabe’s?

One of my favorite blogs is Biblical Christianity, by Dan Phillips. The following is his entry for 07-08-2010 as well as a comment by reader Terry Rayburn. Now , ponder and profit.–Pastor Allen

The difference between fearing God, and trying to be God:

It only surfaces when God crosses your will, or your preferred way of thinking. The God-fearer says, “God differs from me; I must be wrong, and I must change.”The God-wannabe says, “God differs from me; He must be wrong, and I must change Him.”

(Now the comment)

The God-wannabe thinking is WAY more pervasive than meets the casual eye.

From the smallest complaint about the weather to Sinatra’s “My Way”, the wisdom and goodness of the Lord are, at best, doubted. From the simple poem “Invictus” to the worldwide multi-billion dollar false religions, the true God is denied or spit on.

We’re not immune to it as believers, and it’s good to catch ourselves and realize what we’re really saying when we grumble about Providence.

[Soft piano in the background]

“If I ruled the world, Every day would be the first day of Spring….”

Of course if every day were the first day of Spring, Tennessee would be overrun by ticks and fleas, there would be no vegetative mature growth and harvest, and the animals and people would starve, until they cried out, “Okay, you take it back over, God!”

As the late J. Vernon McGee might say in his Texas drawl, “Puny li’l man…thinks he knows better’n the Lawud”.

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