Beware of any so-called spokesmen for God that only speak/write/blog/sing about smooth, desirable, ear-tickling things (See Isaiah 30:9,10) and leave out the hard sayings and demands —-like repentance-(Mark 1:15 and it’s accompanying fruit-Luke 3:8,) grace that leads to godliness (Titus 2:11-15),  obedience (Romans 6),  suffering for His Name (2 Tim.3:12), the Lordship of Christ (Luke 6:46),  judgment to come (Romans 2:4-6), the wrath of God (Matt.3:7), etc..
These people-pleasing smooth talkers are not sent by God. They love wealth, popularity,  power,and position.
A syrupy sermon devoid of sound doctrine and delivered by  a smiling preacher may be Satan’s greatest tool of deceit in our day.
Sorry this post wasn’t entertaining.  And when did entertainment become head of the church?
Be discerning.  Be Bereans-Acts 17:11;  Insist on the whole counsel of God -Acts 20:27
With love,

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  1. If you beat a dog everytime he comes to the fence he will soon stop coming to the fence. Sometimes he needs a pat on the head and to know how much he is loved.

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