Seeing Through New Eyes

by Raymond Timmerman


There are some stories in life that you just pray that you will never forget. The story I’d like to share with you is one such story:


Being a youth minister for 13 years has allowed me some opportunities to bring my own children to youth activities.

We were engaged in a youth outing on the coast of North Carolina. It was outdoor drama on the life of Christ. It was an open-air theater with a stream, boats, animals, and a colorful cast of Bible characters. We were about 40 yards away from the cast when my son Jon (who was about 4 years old) saw Jesus. His eyes got big and ran down as close as possible to the actors and started waving and yelling for Jesus’ attention.

Then it dawned on all of us – he thought this was the real Jesus! We watched as he gazed in wonder at this Man he had heard so much about.

The mood, however, made an abrupt change when Jesus came to Calvary. As the actors nailed Christ to the cross, my son looked on in disbelief. Tears filled his eyes as he saw his Savior crucified right in front of him. Jon was not crying – rather, he was weeping. I had never seen such a young child display an emotion like that. This fact did not escape the attention of the others in the audience either.

It was then that I felt God impress a point upon my heart:

Jesus died for me.

This was not a flippant or normal moment in time. God wrapped Himself in human flesh and died for me.

My thought is this: Shouldn’t all Christians, from time to time, weep over the awesome love and sacrifice that took place at Calvary?

I am so thankful that God takes the time to impress such glorious thoughts upon our hearts and minds. I am also thankful for the eyes of children. They see everything with new eyes. Maybe this has something to do with the Bible telling us to become as little children. If so, take a moment today and brace yourself for a fresh perspective of Calvary. The overwhelming magnitude of this one moment in time stands ready to bless us over and over again.

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