A Heartfelt "Thank You"

by Allen Cantrell


Well, what a week it has been. Last Friday morning I was sitting at my desk preparing for a good day of study when I began to feel my back tighten up. It went downhill fast and I spent the rest of that day through Tuesday in the bed. (Thanks Raymond, Isaac, and John Paul for filling in on short notice and doing such a good job. Ya’ll are very valuable to me and JBC.) I finally made it to the chiropractor Thursday morning. Some of you have been after me for awhile to do this. His X-rays showed my two lowest vertebrae fusing together and pinching the root stems at the bottom of my spine. At least now I could see the reason for the pain. He said he thought it was probably caused by an old basketball injury in my neck that was throwing the whole thing out and over the years causing the wear and tear and the pain. I am much better than I was and I mainly wanted all of you to know how much I valued your prayers and concern. My “thank you’s” are not sufficient but they are heartfelt. Pain is a powerful teacher. I’ll share in future posts some of his classes I had to take– yet again.



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